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90,000 Mile Service

The 90,000 mile service is typically the third major service that your car will undergo. Taking the time to do this service helps to make sure that your car will last a long time. The maintenance team at Driver's Auto Repair is ready to be a part of the long life of your car by doing a 90,000 mile service that prepares it for the rest of its journey, and for the hazards found on the streets around Houston.

Your 90,000 mile service will be very thorough. Most manufacturers recommend a look-over of all major systems. Here is what a typical service looks like for our customers in Houston:

  • Checking suspension system for wear and damage
  • Verifying the proper operation of the steering
  • Inspecting fuel lines and tank mounts, some fuel filters may be replaced
  • Checking the entire braking system, flushing the ABS system
  • Conduct an inspection and possible replacement of all belts, hoses and seals for the engine
  • Go over the transmission searching for leaks and damage
  • Making sure the exhaust system is in good repair
  • Rotating and balancing the tires, taking note of uneven wear and tread depth
  • Looking at all body panels for condition
  • Giving the A/C and heating systems attention, possibly replacing cabin filters
  • Scanning the computer system for trouble codes

Your 90,000 mile service may involve all of these, or only a few. Bring it by Driver's Auto Repair to find out what your vehicle needs, and we will work to make sure that it will last you many more years in Houston.